Computer & Peripheral Purchasing FAQs

Beginning in fiscal year 2017, ITS is making changes to the process for purchasing computers and peripheral devices. This purchasing process change is due to a new focus on developing a computer replacement life cycle plan. We are centralizing the process within ITS for the replacement of out of date computers, the purchasing of computers for new employees, and the replacement of damaged computers. This process will also address purchasing of standard peripherals and iPads. As this process evolves, some of the specific steps might change.

What is happening with technology purchasing?

ITS is systematizing the purchasing process starting May 2016 for standard and non-standard laptop and desktop computers, iPads, and standard accessories.

What will departments continue to be responsible for ordering?

  • All non-IT purchases
  • Non-standard IT accessories (trackpads, monitor stands, specialized equipment)
  • Software and renewals

What will ITS now be responsible for ordering?

  • iPads
  • Desktop computers (both standard and non-standard configurations)
  • Laptop computers (both standard and non-standard configurations)
  • Monitors

How does ITS select standard equipment?

ITS examined current technology needs and compared them to predicted needs and industry trends. Reports were run on current resource usage to determine which specifications would serve the greatest number of users. ITS reviewed multiple vendors to compare their products’ alignment with our needs as well as ensuring reliability, quality, and performance.

How do we determine which machines are up for replacement this year?

ITS is currently working with the deans to determine which faculty replacement machines will be replaced. Budget managers, office managers, and department heads are being consulted to determine which computers for staff and in labs and classrooms should be considered for replacement from the limited funds available.

What is the overall plan for the one-time ITS budget allocation?

These funds will be used for replacing some of the older faculty, staff, classroom, and lab campus-owned computers as well as helping us build a reliable inventory and streamline ongoing computer purchasing and deployment. ITS will be starting with replacing faculty machines so that these computers will be in place by the start of the academic year. Non-faculty computer replacement will follow.

Why is ITS taking on this new responsibility of ordering computers?

This new process will help streamline purchasing and by controlling the ordering, we will be able to build in efficiency for pricing and equipment delivery.

How will orders be placed?

For replacement computers, once consultations have taken place with deans, budget managers, and department heads, ITS support technicians will assist in compiling lists of specific hardware needs. These lists will then be forwarded to the ITS purchasing assistant who will place the bulk orders.

What’s the ordering timeline?

We will begin ordering equipment by May 15 and will continue placing orders throughout the year.

How long will it take to receive my computer or peripheral this year?

ITS anticipates having all faculty computers (depending on faculty availability) deployed by the start of Fall 2016. New faculty equipment will be given first priority, followed by faculty replacement computers. Non-faculty computers will be replaced on an ongoing basis throughout the 2016-17 academic year. ITS will communicate regularly about the status of computer replacement and will coordinate with each recipient to schedule installation.

What if I need to purchase a computer for a new faculty or staff member?

If you are making a purchase with departmental funds, please follow the process below:

  1. Request a quote by submitting a Support Center ticket
  2. Budget manager prepares a Computer Order Form
  3. Budget manager submits order form to
  4. ITS works with budget manager and/or campus technician to complete quote
  5. ITS will complete purchase
  6. Campus tech will schedule delivery and setup upon computer arrival

What will happen to the old computers?

Initially they will be maintained to ensure files are not lost. Eventually old computers will be recycled. Some computer peripherals can be reused, but these will be reviewed individually to determine if they meet current standards.

What if we want to save the old equipment and pass it along to another person in the department?

Once you factor in the costs associated with uninstalling, wiping, refreshing, re-installing base software, re-deploying to a new user, and ongoing support, old computers cost nearly the same as purchasing a new computer. Reusing old machines is also problematic in trying to build a planned replacement cycle. As a result of these factors, ITS will no longer reuse old computers and certain older peripherals.

Who do I contact with ongoing questions on computer and peripheral purchasing?


Who do I contact with questions on non-technology purchasing?

We recommend you reach out to your department’s budget manager or contact Caron Findlay, director, purchasing and business services.