Teaching and Learning Services

Technologies for teaching and learning can range from simply increasing the efficient delivery of educational content to enabling deep learning through social and cognitive interaction with people, ideas, and resources. The following core technologies offer an excellent starting point.

  • Blackboard Learning Management System(ver.8),  is a web-based course management tool that can be used to organize and deliver course materials for online access. With a broad selection of features and function, Blackboard provides tools and facilities for file sharing, grading, wikis, discussion boards, chat rooms and much, much more.
  • “Clickers” also known as Audience Response Systems,  allow faculty to request student feedback at the point of instruction and enable students to respond by using a hand-held wireless receiver to send information for review, presentation or analysis. Drake has selected Turning Technologiesas its Clicker technology. The ResponseCard RF can be purchased at the University Bookstore.
  • Contribute and publish course podcasts on Drake University on iTunes U (DUiT)
  • Classroom Technologies: classroom equipment specifications and support services.
  • Lynda.com is a campus resource that provides faculty, staff, and students access to over 1000 online courses and 61,000 tutorials on a wide range of software applications for communication, productivity, design, and development. Log in and create a profile to get started. A personal profile is required, and allows you to track your movie viewing history and enjoy other lynda.com features designed to help you organize and customize your training. Learn more about the features available to you once you create your profile.

Pedagogical consulting for course development, course redesign, and teaching in an online environment is also available by appointment, contact Ken Kass.