Google Chrome and blueView

Good afternoon,

I apologize for a message to you late on a Friday afternoon, but I want to provide you with an update on a known technical issue as we move into the weekend.

ITS is aware that visitors to blueView using Google Chrome are encountering a warning that states, “Your connection is not private”. This is due to a recent security update by Google to its Chrome browser that conflicts with the existing security configurations on the blueView server. We are working to update these configurations as quickly as possible.

I want to assure you that your data remains safe and secure, and all connections to blueView are fully protected. If you are able to click the Advanced link on the Google Chrome warning page, you can still access blueView resources securely.  blueView users are not encountering this warning with any other browsers. As a result, we currently recommend using Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome.

I appreciate your patience and want you to know that ITS staff will continue to work diligently until the problem is resolved. If you have questions, please contact the Support Center at 515-271-3001 or

Chris Gill
Chief Information Technology Officer
Information Technology Services

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