Getting Started with FollowMe Printing

The new FollowMe printers are here.

FollowMe printing:

  • reduces the number of documents left uncollected
  • ensures printing confidentiality
  • allows users flexibility of where to print
  • cuts down on paper waste
  • decreases Drake’s environmental footprint

Here’s what you’ll need to know to get started:

  • Confirm Installation of PaperCut Software and Printer Drivers
    If you have a Drake-owned computer, these should already be installed on your machine. After the software and drivers are installed, you will need to restart your computer for BW FollowMe and Color FollowMe to appear as printer choices.
  • Select your Account (only applicable if you have more than one)
    If you have access to charge printing and copying to more than one account, you’ll be able to select an account to use each time. A window will pop up when you print your document so you can choose the correct account. At the copier, you’ll select the account on the screen to charge your copies.
  • Identify Color and BW FollowMe printers
    Look for these icons to find the nearest FollowMe printer.
  • Activate your Drake ID Card
    A one-time activation is required to connect your Drake ID card to your printing account. Before you can print or copy at any of the new devices, you’ll need to activate your Drake ID card by tapping it on the card reader and entering your Drake User ID number and password.
  • Tap to Print
    Once your card has been activated, all you need to do once you’ve sent a job to print, is go to the printer of your choice, tap your Drake ID, and release the document to print.
  • Training
    See How to Guides on printing.
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