Faculty and Staff Personal Devices

What Mobile Phones Supported:
Device: any activesync compatible phone
Discount and details

Are there discounts available for personal purchases?
Educational discounts are available for personal computing purchases
Apple | HP

What software is available for installation on personally owned faculty and staff computers?
Select software is available to faculty and staff for use on their home computers

Home computer support: Faculty & Staff

Drake University Client Services is pleased to offer Support Services to faculty and staff personally owned computers. Due to liability, and the varied nature of devices, software and hardware Drake University can only provide limited support to personally owned faculty and staff machines.  Personally owned is defined as machines not purchased with Drake funds. Full support is provided to drake purchased / owned computers. This document does not apply to student computers.

Support Services Offered to personally owned machines:

  • Support related to connecting to and or using drake systems
  • Antivirus installation
  • Email support


Limited / Not Supported:

  • Hardware repair
  • Virus removal and cleaning
  • Upgrades to operating systems and or hardware